Healthcare clouds growing popular, survey finds

As one of today's most disruptive technologies, the cloud is being adopted by a wide variety of industries, including healthcare. While many hospitals and other medical facilities were slightly hesitant to adopt the services early on, the proven benefits the cloud provides has led more healthcare decision-makers to migrate sensitive applications and data to hosted environments.

According to a recent study carried out by Healthcare IT News, roughly 48 percent of healthcare organizations said they have plans to use cloud infrastructure services, while another 33 percent said they have already deployed the technology. Only 19 percent said they have no plans to utilize the cloud, mostly due to security concerns.

Many organizations noted they were using the services for storage, Healthcare IT News noted. This is likely because cloud storage is scalable and flexible, allowing individuals to access large quantities of information from anywhere.

According to MarketsandMarkets, the global healthcare cloud market beyond 2014 will be driven by the need to increase agility, especially with the expanding use of electronic health records. By using the cloud, organizations will be able to manage a variety of devices and provide remote network access to employees.

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