VPNs can strengthen cloud security

Even as organizations make the transition into the cloud, security concerns can either slow migrations or keep decision-makers awake at night. While the cloud host is partially responsible for data protection, the remainder falls upon the business using the technology, according to a Blogcritics report.

By utilizing a virtual private network, or VPN, users can improve cloud security. VPNs allow individuals to use encryption technologies to scramble any data that is received or sent. As a result, outsiders can't view sensitive information and malicious software is blocked from entering the network, the news source said.

VPNs also support the mobility of cloud computing, as the tools can work on all devices in any location. By using VPNs, organizations can remain safe in their virtual environments, allowing workers to focus on more important issues, the news provider noted.

Still, not all security responsibilities fall on the company using the cloud, and decision-makers should be sure to address any concerns they have in the service level agreement. By creating a customized SLA, cloud providers can move beyond simply monitoring the usage of the technology and help their clients utilize effective security solutions, according to Network World.

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