Disaster recovery fundamentals changing through cloud advancements

Traditional backup and disaster recovery tools are falling short of today's business demands. As a result, cloud computing technologies, which have the ability to salvage data and services in a company's time of need, are changing the restoration market, according to a GigaOm report.

With today's consumerization of IT, having the ability to access important applications on any platform when other services are down is more important than ever. Many decision-makers are also seeing the pointlessness of securing data without protecting the applications that use it. This realization, along with the advancement of complex cloud servers, is helping to split the disaster recovery market into two sections, the report said.

Backup solutions will continue to have the ability to quickly replicate data. Disaster recovery, on the other hand, will focus more on service retrieval, GigaOm noted. This means that if one cloud server goes out, another can replace it, helping to keep companies productive during disasters.

IT expert Risk Blaisdell also believes that, as cloud computing technologies mature, restoration fundamentals will change, driving more decision-makers to implement the cloud to keep their businesses connected at all times.

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