Report: Cloud computing key to job creation

A recent report by London School of Economics and Political Science revealed that cloud computing is penetrating a broad spectrum of industries. The study focused on the aerospace sector as well as the fast-growing smartphone industry and found that cloud services not only improve efficiency but also contribute to job creation.

Cloud computing helps businesses increase productivity by freeing up skilled employees to focus on more profitable sections of the company, as the cloud requires little to no maintenance. Meanwhile, the technology itself employs new workers because they are needed in the construction and staffing of the data centers that will host the cloud, the report noted.

The study also found the technology doesn't create unemployment. While cloud computing is sometimes perceived as a threat to IT workers, the LSE found that companies are more likely to retain current staff as well as high new employees to help manage the virtual environment.

According to a report by EMC, the adoption of cloud computing will create roughly 300,000 jobs in the U.K. alone. In order to achieve economic stability, jobs must be created. As a result, the more businesses invest in the cloud, the easier it may be for the economy to balance out.

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