Approach of big data means cloud computing remains popular

Many businesses are anticipating 2012 will hold big challenges with the introduction of big data and the need to interpret the information. As a result, cloud computing will continue to remain a popular theme throughout the year, as organizations migrate business intelligence operations to cloud-based environments for analytic purposes, according to an IT News Africa report.

However, businesses shouldn't get confused about how cloud computing and mobile devices will help them view and transmit this data. While cloud computing will help make business intelligence accessible to an organization's smartphones, both technologies are simply tools. The important thing is how well the companies implement these resources, industry expert Sean Paine said in the report.

"The exponential increase in data means an endless supply of information to analyze," Paine noted. "However it's not just about the volume of data, it's about the complexity and variety - text, voice, image, video, multi-media."

As a result, more organizations are turning to the cloud for help.

In fact, a recent report from Gartner Research found that nearly one-third of businesses plan to implement Software-as-a-Service solutions to augment their BI capabilities within the next year.

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