Businesses tend to deploy cloud in two ways

Cloud computing is reaching mainstream adoption and, as a result, certain trends are emerging for the way that businesses go about deploying the technology. There tends to be two different ways that organizations complete their implementation process, each with its own benefits and setbacks, according to a ZDNet report.

One of these techniques centers on using the cloud as a new solution for completing traditional tasks. This tends to be the more common method of deploying the technology, as businesses will implement the cloud alongside existing systems and hope for the best results. While this process may be easier, it is also inherently flawed as many implementations fail to be as successful as initially hoped for, the news source reported.

The other method, which is the way the cloud should be implemented, tends to be more difficult. This way of thinking requires IT staff and chief information officers to recognize the cloud for what it really is: a new way of performing processes, requiring infrastructures to be reevaluated and assessed, ZDNet noted.

Nevertheless, cloud computing will become a priority in 2012 as more organizations grasp the potential benefits. However, cloud deployments must be well-planned in order to be successful.

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