Cloud computing is changing the business atmosphere

While cloud computing helps improve business operations and lowers costs, the technology is also making changes to job descriptions. This is especially true for high-ranking positions like chief information officers, as many experts believe that implementing the cloud is a good stepping stone for climbing the corporate ladder, according to a Forbes report.

In today's business technology world, the ability to leverage new services to better operations is a vital skill for leaders. While not all of these instances will require the cloud, utilizing the services will likely be one of the easiest ways to reduce expenses and improve employee productivity, the news source reported.

However, since the cloud is relatively new, many executives are looking for IT professionals who have experience under their belt to help them deploy the technology. As a result, the suitability of many current and future positions will involve the cloud and how well the employee can use the services to his or her benefit, Forbes noted.

According to some experts, the cloud's importance will even surpass that of the internet, PCWorld reported. Although the future of the internet is uncertain, the cloud is soon to be considered vital for practically all businesses.

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