Businesses benefit from integrating communications with the cloud

Communication is an integral part of operating a functional and productive business. Moving communication services to the cloud instead of using traditional land line and desktop phone systems can help an organization become more efficient and allow it to save money in the process, according to a report by Viodi View.

By using cloud communications, businesses can improve the total cost of ownership because all of the investments - from capital expenses to operational expenses for IT resources - are covered. Traditional terminals, servers and in-house software can be outsourced to a hosted company and an organization can spend less because it only needs to pay for the storage it uses, the news source reported.

The reliability and high availability of the service is also an incentive for businesses to convert their communication systems to the cloud. Data distribution, since it is spread evenly across the cloud , can help businesses remain efficient after a disaster occurs, Viodi View asserted.

More communication options will develop as the cloud market continues to grow. According to the IDC, revenues in the public cloud market will reach nearly $73 billion by 2015, demonstrating a continuing migration to the services.

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