Cloud computing, virtualization help a company on the move

Small businesses that are looking to relocate can benefit from the cloud. Whether their decision to move is based on financial obligations or from seizing the opportunity to expand, implementing cloud computing services can make the transition much easier, according to a report by SmallBiz Technology.

One of the most advantageous aspects of the cloud that helps during a relocation process is that the business won't have to move any server. Since the cloud stores all of a company's data in its own servers, the company can avoid having to worry about relocating some of its heavy IT equipment, the report stated.

The cloud can also help a company save money, which allows the business to reallocate these resources and use them for the moving process. By not requiring businesses to pay upfront fees and allowing them to only pay for the space that they use, the cloud can cut costs significantly, the news source reported.

According to Cloud Hypermarket, there are 50 million physical servers in the world today. However, by 2013, 10 percent of these machines will become virtualized. This suggests that more companies are switching to virtualization and cloud computing, a process that will help them save money and move more easily.

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