Kundra tells enterprise to consider the cloud

Vivek Kundra, who recently resigned from his post as the U.S. government's first federal CIO, recently submitted an editorial to the New York Times calling for enterprise IT departments to consider moving to the cloud to save money.

Both enterprise and government IT are wasting billions of dollars on inefficient IT processes and services. The reasons for this are unclear, given the widespread publicity cloud computing has received in recent years. However, according to Kundra, businesses can greatly alleviate these inefficiencies and other examples of wasteful spending - whether doing so with public cloud solutions or a private cloud deployment.

Under Kundra's watch, the federal government successfully migrated thousands of email accounts and other critical data to the cloud. While cost reduction was the most obvious goal, the cloud also represents the future of computing and IT. Failing to make the move soon could be devastating for businesses who could see themselves fall behind competitors who succeed with their cloud deployments.

A recent report from ComputerWeekly found that the public sector was initially more deliberate in its adoption of cloud computing. However, as its benefits have been demonstrated by the private sector, the public sector has started moving to the cloud more proactively.

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