Recruiter postings demonstrate growth of cloud computing

A new report from Wanted Analytics, a talent marketplace, has found that July 2011 saw 3,000 more job postings from recruiters aimed at attracting IT workers with cloud computing experience.

The figure represents a 68 percent increase for IT professionals with extensive cloud backgrounds from the same time period last year. Among the factors contributing to growth in the cloud are increased IT budgets and a growing focus on updating enterprise IT infrastructure.

Computer programmers and IT specialists were among the most commonly sought positions based on the job postings. However, web developers saw the most growth compared to July of 2010, with 150 more positions advertised.

With adoption of cloud computing increasing every day, businesses are pursuing qualified employees to manage and maintain their new systems.

Former federal CIO Vivek Kundra, who recently left the position to accept a fellowship at Harvard University, published an editorial in the New York Times calling on more IT decision-makers to consider the cloud when deploying new solutions. Kundra cited the cost-effectiveness of the cloud along with simpler installation in his piece.

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