Disasters shine light on value of cloud computing

In recent days, the East coast of the United States has dealt with an earthquake and preparations for Hurricane Irene. For businesses in those states, recent reports from IT experts on the value of cloud computing and dedicated servers is crucial to preventing a third kind of disaster.

Aside from damage to an office or a storefront, severe weather can devastate operations should any critical IT infrastructure be damaged beyond repair. In the past, businesses relied on troublesome technology, such as backup tape, to protect information. However, cloud computing's growth has enabled businesses to adopt highly capable dedicated servers and other solutions.

Aside from data backup in the event of a disaster, cloud-based servers and other cloud solutions enable businesses to outsource their primary data storage . The technology reduces costs related to overhead and allows IT workers to focus their effort and time elsewhere.

A report from Hewlett-Packard found that 70 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses experiencing data loss go out of business within a year. While security issues can be prevented, the result of a hurricane or earthquake can be equally devastating. 

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