Cloud opinions may shift in coming years, expert says

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As the market for the cloud continues to grow in the private sector, the differentiation between the private and public cloud will continue to blur, leading more decision-makers to opt for hybrid models that combine the two.


Private cloud provides long-term savings, despite high upfront costs

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The hype surrounding cloud services has been steadily increasing as organizations around the world become more aware of the technology and how leveraging it can boost operational performance.


Report: PaaS, private cloud on the rise

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While there has been significant hype surrounding the cloud, overall adoption has been somewhat slow during the past several years.


Cloud provides real benefits, study shows

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A new report by research firm Ovum revealed that companies using cloud hosting services have the unique ability to be faster, more efficient and use fewer resources than organizations using traditional IT.


Healthcare cloud on the rise, report says

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Adoption of cloud computing in the healthcare sector is on the rise, as more hospitals and other facilities begin to leverage the technology in an attempt to reduce IT costs, improve mobility and enhance collaboration between patients and physicians.


Western European companies prefer private cloud

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A new report by IDC noted that cost savings and efficiency improvements are the primary driving factors behind deploying the private cloud in Western Europe.


Report: Majority of businesses have cloud as strategic priority

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The cloud is changing the way businesses around the world operate, giving companies the ability to enhance efficiency, reduce IT expenses and boost mobility.


Private clouds offer companies significant benefits

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Despite the growing awareness and recognition of the cloud's capabilities, only 21 percent of survey respondents in a recent InformationWeek study said they are currently using the private cloud.


Private cloud provisioning

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While many businesses prefer the private cloud over its public counterpart, decision-makers still need to plan accordingly, as the migration process can be different.


Cloud maturity brings new questions to the table

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Ever since the cloud initially entered the private sector, decision-makers around the world have been wondering if they would ever leverage the technology to their advantage.




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