Hosted private cloud market to reach $24 billion in 2016

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As decision-makers increasingly turn to cloud computing to improve operations and reduce expenses, they are becoming confident in the technology and are investing more into the services.


Capturing cloud ROI

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While reducing costs is one of the most commonly touted benefits of cloud computing, decision-makers throughout the private sector often fail to understand the financial advantages of using the technology.


Understanding the cloud will result in success

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While cloud computing continues to gain momentum in and outside the workplace, the underlying concept behind the hosted services is not entirely new.


Enterprises look to internal clouds

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Although cloud computing is gaining momentum in the private sector, the term "cloud" has come to encapsulate a variety of technological initiatives.


Cloud to change business strategies in 2013

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Cloud computing is on its way to becoming the technology with the most impact on the business world, especially as decision-makers gain more confidence in the hosted services and recognize their true underlying potential.


Hosted private, industry-specific clouds to grow in 2013

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While the cloud had a phenomenal year in 2012, 2013 is also expected to be a big year for the technology, especially as more decision-makers adopt the hosted service and become more familiar with its benefits.


Cloud quickly becoming normal outsourcing option

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Advances in cloud computing and the growing awareness of its benefits drove the market forward in 2012 and will continue to do so in the coming years, encouraging CIOs and other IT leaders to adopt the technology.


Companies look for help developing cloud strategies, study says

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The cloud is quickly becoming a "go-to" solution for organizations looking to reduce the stress on their IT budget without jeopardizing a firm's ability to enhance operations.


Study: Cost savings isn't the only cloud benefit

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A recent TechTarget study of more than 1,500 IT professionals revealed that cloud adoption rates are on the rise, but not always for the same reason.


SMBs must be proactive in cloud adoption strategies

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The cloud is slowly becoming the norm for how companies operate, but it still has a ways to go.




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