Choosing the right IaaS provider requires planning

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The Infrastructure as a Service market has recently become more crowded, making it difficult for decision-makers to choose providers that offer the best solutions for a particular business.


Hastily jumping in the cloud is a bad idea

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Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a central part of the enterprise and with its adoption, business managers need to reevaluate their decision-making process.


SLAs important to cloud visibility, application performance

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Cloud and virtualization awareness among businesses around the world is on the rise, as more organizations adopt the technologies and promote the benefits achieved from leveraging the services.


EPA plans on migrating to the cloud

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The cloud continues to be adopted around the world by organizations from both the public and private sector.


Survey: Cloud storage more efficient than traditional backup

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TwinStrata recently conducted a survey at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York on June 11 through 14 and found that more IT decision-makers are supporting the cloud than ever before.


Survey: Cloud optimism flourishes, despite minor challenges

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A new study by Dimensional Research and commissioned by Host Analytics revealed that decision-makers have an overall optimistic feeling about the future of cloud computing, despite ongoing concerns associated with security and other adoption challenges.


Gartner acknowledges cloud computing, big data as important initiatives in coming years

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A new report by Gartner revealed there are 10 strategic technologies that will become an integral part of business over the next several years.


PaaS adoption to grow as IaaS, SaaS become commodities, study says

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As Software and Infrastructure as a Service become commodities within the private sector, Platform as a Service will be the next battleground for service providers.


Successful cloud deployments done in phases

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Developing a cloud computing strategy is key to a successful deployment of the technology. Unfortunately, many IT departments simply improvise and hope for the best.


Cloud computing definition somewhat clouded

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When asked to define the cloud, IT leaders tend to give a variety of answers.




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