Public cloud services cannibalize, drive IT spending

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While all forms of the cloud are garnering more attention today than they had in the past, Infrastructure as a Service, often considered the most basic form of the cloud, is gaining momentum and has moved past the initial test and development stages in most organizations.


Developing unique cloud applications requires planning

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Staying competitive with rival firms is one of the only ways companies can survive today's cutthroat business world.


Companies adopt cloud infrastructure to boost agility, survey says

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As the ongoing economic crisis continues to put pressure on companies to save costs and reserve resources, decision-makers are looking toward innovative technologies for help.


Australian companies appreciate IaaS scalability, agility

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As cloud services become more widely acknowledged and understood, decision-makers around the world are adopting the technology in an effort to remain competitive with rival firms at a lower cost.


Cloud computing adoption driven by well-known advantages

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Despite the growing prevalence of Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service cloud models in the business world, many decision-makers are still concerned about leveraging the technology.


Cloud computing boosts disaster recovery

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As the prospect of using cloud services grew among enterprises and small businesses alike, vendors and resellers jumped on the bandwagon in an effort to gain a piece of the expanding market.


Cloud evolutions taking place

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During the past several years, the cloud has been the center of attention in the IT industry, most notably because of its uncanny ability to disrupt such a significant portion of the private sector, allowing both large and small companies to leverage the services equally.


Cloud 'as a service' model variations increase with overall adoption

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Thanks to the rapid evolution and advancement of Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service, the adoption of cloud solutions has quickly accelerated, providing businesses with opportunities to enhance productivity and efficiency.


Ongoing trends will reshape the future of cloud computing

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As the cloud becomes more commonly used throughout the private and public sectors, the technology is poised to mature and adapt to ongoing demands.


Report: Cloud accounts for majority of IT outsourcing services market

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A new report by Gartner noted that worldwide spending on IT outsourcing services is forecast to exceed $251 billion in 2012, up from slightly more than $246 billion in 2011.




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