IaaS, PaaS solutions evolve to meet changing business needs

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While all cloud models are gaining momentum in the business world, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service solutions are particularly popular in the workplace.


IaaS, PaaS market revenues exceed $2 billion in first quarter

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During the past several years, all factions of the cloud computing landscape have been experiencing significant growth.


Report: 52 percent of businesses use cloud to grow

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The introduction of cloud computing in the business world has revolutionized the way decision-makers view critical processes and how tasks should be completed.


Increased mobile presence drives cloud infrastructure needs

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The presence of mobile devices in the workplace has changed how employees operate, driving the death of the PC era and supporting the dawn of cloud computing.


Companies often use multiple cloud providers

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The cloud computing landscape has provided decision-makers with new opportunities to expand and improve operations for a fraction of the price the same projects would have cost using legacy hardware and software.


IaaS approaches vary between organizations

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Despite the many models of the cloud, Infrastructure as a Service is one of the most commonly deployed technologies because of its ability to reinvent the data center and give organizations of all sizes the opportunity to augment operations on a number of levels.


Cloud reduces data center energy consumption

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While digitization trends are making it easier for companies to carry out mission-critical tasks more efficiently, they are consuming more energy than ever before, introducing new costs and environmental obligations to decision-makers around the world.


Low-cost cloud infrastructures pick up speed

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When public cloud computing first emerged, many decision-makers recognized the environment as a way to host a number of applications they didn't really care for, freeing up internal space. Today, businesses are recognizing the true underlying potential of using a cloud environment.


Cloud, mobile play a big role in IT spending

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The business world today is much more technologically advanced than it was in the past, providing current decision-makers with a variety of opportunities to improve operations and reduce costs.


SaaS, IaaS continue picking up speed

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The private sector is now heavily reliant on software, as digital technologies move to the forefront of organizational strategies and priorities.




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