Private clouds help disaster recovery programs

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Although cloud infrastructure services provide organizations with a number of new opportunities that are not necessarily available with legacy solutions, several capabilities are more advantageous than others.


Using the cloud to secure BYOD

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The consumerization of IT has introduced a number of monumental changes in the private sector, most notably driving the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend in the enterprise, which allows individuals to use personal smartphones and tablets for business tasks.


Compliance, scalability drive CIOs to cloud

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The rapid maturity of the cloud is drawing decision-makers to hosted environments at an extremely fast pace, especially as the private sector becomes increasingly competitive due to the constant emergence of new firms and companies expanding their offerings.


Cloud still new territory for SMBs, study says

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The cloud is being adopted at a rapid rate throughout the private sector, largely because enterprises are finally seeing the cost efficiency and scalability benefits associated with using the technology.


Study: Unauthorized cloud usage creates security risk

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The cloud is being used throughout the private sector, even if decision-makers are unaware of it.


Symantec believes future clouds will be safe

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Although the cloud is rapidly gaining momentum in the private sector, adoption rates are sometimes encumbered by security concerns, as many decision-makers are unsure whether the public cloud can safely store sensitive information.


Study: Misunderstanding prevents SMBs from adopting cloud

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Small and medium-sized businesses are in a unique position to adopt cloud computing technologies to remain competitive with large firms.


Encryption is foundation of cloud security, expert says

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When it comes to storing sensitive data and applications in the cloud, having the ability to trust the service provider is everything.


Long-standing concerns stall, cancel cloud deployments

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Although the cloud is not necessarily new anymore, the technology is still in its infancy regarding global adoption.


EU must overcome cloud barriers, report says

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Although the cloud offers companies a lot of promise, not all decision-makers are able to adopt the technology because of regulatory compliance or regional legal issues and basic technical worries.




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