Data Encryption and Key Management Top Priorities for Cloud Hosting companies

Typically, a cloud host encrypts data coming into the environment, which prevents it from being translated by malicious foreign entities. 


Security Innovations Present New Way to Protect Big Data

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Methods of securing the confidentiality of the Big Data companies collect on a regular basis are embedded within the platforms those businesses use.


The Truth about Cloud Data Protection

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Cloud infrastructure services can be highly secure if they are planned, deployed, and managed properly.


Cloud Security Barriers Crumbling

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Cloud security barriers are crumbling as companies continue to gain more confidence in the technology.


Cloud Changes Status Quo for Identity, Access Management

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The evolving cloud security landscape will transform identity and access management for the better.


Building a cloud disaster recovery plan

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As IT services evolve, new challenges are emerging in the business world that encourage decision-makers to build a cloud disaster recovery program.


The cloud is what you make it

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Planning cloud deployments with experienced providers will ensure those solutions are effective and secure.


Cloud-based disaster recovery is resilient, easy to manage

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Cloud disaster recovery can be an affordable and effective continuity strategy for companies of all sizes and industries.


Cloud computing changes backup as we know it

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The presence of cloud computing is transforming how companies look at disaster recovery and backup.


Cloud-based disaster recovery considerations

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The disaster recovery market as a whole is evolving as innovative technologies continue to emerge in and outside of the business world.




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Cloud computing security experts weigh their options

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