Big data helps reduce the bottom line

The advantages of big data are often discussed at length - this information is changing the way we conduct mass research and how products are marketed to a number of demographics and can actually save a company a fair amount of money when used effectively.


Financial firms increasingly embracing cloud computing

While still lagging behind other sectors, financial services firms are slowly moving more of their operations into cloud environments.


Big data transforms life in rural areas

New uses for big data are found all the time - whether it's for a commercial or for the betterment of mankind, cloud computing has revolutionized the way major research is done and the speed at which this data can affect the world around us.


Will feds be ready for cloud security regulations?

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United States public authorities are taking a page from the thousands of enterprises that have taken a liking to cloud computing, but whether or not they'll be able to meet government security standards has been up for debate.


Cloud computing incites dramatic change in law firms

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It's no secret that both lawyers working in private practices and public prosecutors handle particularly sensitive information.




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