How the Cloud Enhances Customer Service

Within the past couple of years, IT companies providing cloud storage services have continued to assist businesses in satisfying consumer demand. 


Companies Looking for Strong Hands to Hold Big Data Reins

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Whether employed by a healthcare company or an entertainment group, corporate executives have made it a priority to identify the cryptic information that will optimize production.


Accessibility is One of the Key Benefits of Outsourcing to the Cloud

Throughout the past couple of years, cloud computing has seen a gradual decrease in costs with recent innovations in the industry.


Experts see Hybrid Cloud Doubling in Strength by 2015

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Hybrid cloud gains momentum as companies embrace innovative IT strategies.


IT Relevance May Rest on Cloud Computing's Shoulders

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The cloud is in high demand for business units, which is pressuring IT departments to find the right services if they want to remain relevant.


Digitalization Has Arrived

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The third era of enterprise IT, digitalization, is forcing companies to adjust their technological strategies.


Cloud, Big Data Relationship to Blossom in 2014

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Businesses that encourage the relationship between cloud computing and Big Data will find it easier to achieve success in 2014.


Cloud Expected to Experience Major Disruptions in 2014

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Understanding where cloud computing is positioned to go in 2014 will help organizations develop better projects.


Feds Poised to Up Cloud, Big Data Investments

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Federal agencies are investing in Big Data and cloud computing technologies to improve their long-term decision-making capabilities.


Hybrid Cloud Picks up Speed During Big Data Era

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Companies are no longer implementing only a single cloud to embrace Big Data and other critical IT projects.




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Financial firms increasingly embracing cloud computing

While still lagging behind other sectors, financial services firms are slowly moving more of their operations into cloud environments.

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