Cloud Storage can Introduce Disaster Recovery Boons

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Cloud storage technologies can augment outdated disaster recovery practices, especially when Big Data projects gain momentum.


Big Data Architecture: On the Ground or in the Clouds?

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Businesses need to decide whether to build Big Data analytic architectures in-house or off-site in the cloud.


Federal Agencies Encountering Problems with the "Big Five" IT Trends

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Federal agencies must overcome their problems with the "Big Five" technological trends if they are to thrive.


Monitoring Cloud Projects Strengthens BYOC Approach

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Bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) initiatives can introduce significant benefits when all cloud computing projects are monitored internally.


Cloud Computing Model Disrupts Traditional Business Thinking

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The cloud computing model is transforming the way channel partners function and deliver their services to companies.


SMBs Use the Cloud to Level the Playing Field

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Cloud computing lets SMBs be more productive than they otherwise would have been.


The Unnoticeable, Inevitable Cloud Shift Will Drive Change

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The cloud computing landscape will introduce more efficient and secure solutions within the next 3 years.


The Cloud Adoption Tipping Point Cometh

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The cloud reduces internal pressures, allowing companies to pursue new objectives that were previously put on hold.


Venture Capitalists Recognize the Cloud's Potential

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The cloud holds promise for venture capitalists because the technology can augment the existing ways of doing business.


Cloud customization critical to success

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There is no single, successful cloud adoption strategy, so decision-makers should pursue the technology at a pace that aligns with their specific demands.




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