Most Businesses see Big Data Maturing Within 5 Years

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Companies believe Big Data holds a lot of promise and decision-makers need to learn more about the projects to give their firms an edge.


Big Data, Marketers will Team Up in 2014

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Marketers are beginning to see the potential in Big Data.


Predictive Analytic Advantages Come to Light

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The advantages of predictive analytics are becoming clearer to organizations around the world.


Big Data Will Make a World of Difference for CMOs

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Recent information suggests that the use of analytics can benefit some individuals in leadership roles more than others.


Only Some Companies see Positive ROI for Big Data

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If and when a Big Data initiative encounters obstacles, overcoming these challenges will be crucial to business success.


Small Data has Big Potential

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Big Data is not the only option when it comes to collecting, analyzing, and using digital information.


Big Data to Expand, Generate New Software Markets

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Big Data application proliferation is forecast to change the business world's perspective on using information.


The Big Data Movement Isn't Just a Buzzword

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Big Data is a new business movement and set of philosophies, not a meaningless buzzword.


CFOs Can't be Timid Regarding Big Data

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Finance executives who want their firms to be leaders will need to capitalize on Big Data sooner rather than later.


Finding the Big Data Manager may mean Building a New Role

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Big Data programs must be planned and customized to meet specific business expectations.




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Big data making a play in professional sports

Daryl Morey, an MIT graduate and managing director of basketball operations for the Houston Rockets, spoke at the event, claiming that big data has made a home for itself in athletics. 

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