Harvard looks to identify the true value of big data

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There are those who believe that movement is mostly made of hype and then there are others who try to utilize as much as they can from big data. 

Professional athletes and managers are continuing to use data analytics tools to orchestrate game plans and develop intelligent training regiments.

Big data making a play in professional sports

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Daryl Morey, an MIT graduate and managing director of basketball operations for the Houston Rockets, spoke at the event, claiming that big data has made a home for itself in athletics. 

Some trucking companies keep their employees under constant surveillance in order to get the most out of fuel consumption.

Transportation industry aims to harness big data

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Although executives are not ignorant of cloud computing or the data technologies associated with it, many shipping and distribution employees do not fully comprehend these systems. 

Intelligent electronic devices make it possible for utilities to reroute power automatically and reduce labor expenses.

Big data technology boosting grid performance

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Among a plethora of innovations and mechanisms, cloud computing has been at the forefront of progress, spawning offshoots and residual industries in its wake. 

The data records of students across the nation could possibly be accessed by employers looking for algorithmic insight.

Big data revolutionizing education

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Analytics tools associated with big data have enabled universities to accurately track student performance and behavior. 




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